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Welcome to the web site of Association “Health for everybody”

Our mission is

COMPRESENSIVE ATTENDANCE to people with disabilities, providing technical Aiding Devices /TAD/, free of charge in compliance with Regulations 2 of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy /MLSP/.

About us

Registration: 10 July, 1996

Objective: unite, coordinate and improve the activities of those engaged in the field of health care.

  • One of the principal activities of the association “health for Everybody” is to attend to disabled people free of charge, providing Technical Aiding devices /TAD/ in compliance with Regulations 2 of MLSP;
  • Health enlightening and prophylactic;
  • Promotion of the healthy way of life;
  • Focusing the public opinion and responsible state institutions on the most contemporary and socially important health issues;
  • Protection of the environment;
  • Establishment and promotion the strategy for maintaining and improving the quality of life;
  • Formation of specific approach to public groups with deteriorated health status;
  • Elaboration of projects in the sphere of health attendance.

Centers for rehabilitation devices:

1. Rehabilitation center
2. Hearing prosthesis center
3. Prosthesis center
4. Optical center
5. Diabetics center

For contacts:

If you require more detailed information do not hesitate to contact us in one of the following ways:

++359 64 801-706
++359 64 844-992
Main office:
7 Geo Milev Str.
Pleven 5800, Bulgaria

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